Reproduction in animals Worksheet-6

Reproduction in animals Worksheet-6


Short Question:

  1. Name the organ in the female body where development of the baby takes place.

  2. Give the term for those animals which give birth to young ones.

  3. What is meant by fertilization?

  4. Give one point of difference between asexual and sexual reproduction.

  5. Define metamorphosis.

  6. What type of fertilization takes place in humans and dogs?

  7. Expand the term IVF.

  8. What type of fertilization takes place in fish?

  9. What is a foetus?

  10. What is embryo?

  11. What is meant by cloning?

  12. Name the clone of sheep formed by Ian Wilmut.

  13. Name the following :

(A) The tubes which carry spermatozoa out from the testes.

(B) The two phases covering the first half and second half of menstrual cycle respectively.


Answer in a Word:

  1. Name the process in which plants and animals produce offspring of their own type.

  2. Where is ovum produced in human female?

  3. Where is sperm produced in human male?

  4. Name the type of reproduction beginning from the fusion of male and female gametes.

  5. Name the part of reproductive system in human where development of the baby takes place.

  6. What is the result of fertilization?

  7. Name the fertilization that takes place inside the female body.

  8. Name the stage of the embryo in which all the body parts can be identified.

  9. Expand the term IVF.

  10. Give the term for animals which give birth to young ones.

  11. What is the name of larva of frogs?

  12. Name the process of transformation of the larva into an adult.

  13. Name the type of asexual reproduction common in Hydra.

  14. Who performed the animal cloning for the first time successfully?

  15. Name the clone of sheep produced for the first time.

  16. When did dolly die?

  17. Name the only honey bee in the colony that lays eggs.

  18. What will produce from the fertilized eggs of honey bee after hatching?

  19. In colony of honey bee, what will produce drones?



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  14. Reproduction

  15. Ovaries

  16. Testes

  17. Sexual reproduction

  18. Uterus

  19. Formation of zygote

  20. Internal fertilization

  21. Foetus

  22. in vitro fertilization

  23. Viviparous

  24. Tadpole

  25. Metamorphosis

  26. Budding

  27. Ian Wilmut

  28. Dolly

  29. 14th February 2003

  30. Queen

  31. Females

  32. Unfertilizedegg