Crop production and management Worksheet-8

Crop production and management Worksheet-8


Multiple Choice Questions:

  1. Large scale storage of grains is done in-

(A) Gunny bags                             (B) Metallic tins

(C) Cloth bags                               (D) Silos


  1. Dried ______ leaves are used for chemical treatments to protect grains from pests and microorganisms at domestic level.

(A) Mango         (B) Neem           (C) Banyan        (D) Tulsi


Multiple responses:

  1. Which of these are kharrif crops?

(A) Paddy          (B) Wheat          (C) Maize           (D) Mustard

(E) Groundnut


  1. Which of these are Rabi crops?

(A) Wheat          (B) Maize           (C) Cotton         (D) Linseed

(E) Paddy


  1. What are the advantages of loosening of soil?

(A) Allows growth of earthworms and microbes

(B) Allows penetration of root

(C) Effective action of fertilizers

(D) Allows root to breath easily 

(E) Save time and labor


  1. What are the composition of soil?

(A) Organic manure                    (B) Minerals

(C) Fertilizers                                (D) Air

(E) Some living organisms


  1. Cultivation of crops involves-

(A) Preparation of soil                (B) Adding manure and fertilizers

(C) Selection of seeds                  (D) Protecting from weeds

(E) Harvesting


  1. The main tools used for agricultural implementation are-

(A) Canal system                          (B) Plough

(C) Hoe                                           (D) Tube well

(E) Cultivator


  1. What are the functions of plough?    

(A) Tilling the soil                        (B) Loosening of soil

(C) Scraping of soil                      (D) Removing  the weeds

(E) Storage of seeds


  1. What are the advantages of cultivator?

(A) It is cheap                               (B) It saves time

(C) It is easy to handle                (D) Light weight

(E) It saves labour


  1. What are the methods  used for selection of seeds?

(A) Irrigation                                 (B) Threshing

(C) Traditional tool                      (D) Ploughing

(E) Seed drill


  1. What are the advantages of manure?

(A) Enhances the water holding capacity of the soil

(B) Rich in a particular nutrient

(C) Decreases the number of friendly microbes

(D) Improves the texture of the soil

(E) Makes the soil porous


  1. What are the traditional methods of irrigation?

(A) Moat                                         (B) Sprinkler System

(C) Dhekli                                      (D) Drip system

(E) Rahat


  1. Weeds are harmful because-

(A) Compete with the crop plants

(B) Give better products than crop plants

(C) Poisonous for useful field animals

(D) Are costly



  1. Arrange the agricultural practice in sequence-

(A) Preparation of soil                (B) Adding manure and fertilizers

(C) Irrigation                                 (D) Harvesting

(E) Sowing                                     (F) Protecting from weeds

(G) Storage


Answer key:

  1. (D)

  2. (B)

  3. (A ,C,E)

  4. (A,D)

  5. (A, B,D)

  6. (B, D,E)

  7. (A,B,D,E)

  8. (B,C,E)

  9. (A,C,D)

  10. (B,E)

  11. (C,E)

  12. (A,D,E)

  13. (A,C,E)

  14. (A,C)

  15. (A) Preparation of soil

(B) Sowing

(C) Adding manure and fertilizers

(D) Irrigation

(E) Protecting from weeds

(F) Harvesting

(G) Storage