Skeletal System & Nervous System Worksheet-6

Skeletal System & Nervous System Worksheet-6


  1. True/False:

a.      Rib cage protects the brain inside.

b.      Ribs make a cage of bones around the stomach.

c.      Our bones are covered with muscles.

d.      Skeletal muscles are present in arms, legs etc.,

e.      Heart pumps the blood to the other parts of the body.

f.       Hinge joint allows the bone to slide against each other in a gliding motion.

g.      The spinal cord is a bundle of cartilage that carries message from the brain to the body.

h.      Motor nerves carry messages from the body to the brain.

i.       Whales have the best sense of hearing among animals.


Miscellaneous Questions:

  1. The ____ system gives shape and support to our body.

  1. The ___ system breaks the food into simple substance and helps us in digestion.

  1. The ____ system helps us in breathing.


Fill in the blanks:

  1. Thigh bone is also known as ____ bone. 
  2. ____ nerves carry message from the brain to the body.  


Answer Key:

(11)   a. False; b. False; c. True; d. True; e. True; f. False; g. False; h. False; i. False

(12)  Skeletal

(13)  Digestive

(14)  Respiratory

(15)  Femur

(16)  motor