English 'n' logic worksheet-2


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  1. Anmer ____ right now. He wants to pass his test tomorrow.

(a) is sleeping   (b) is teaching  (c) is studying   (d) is eating


  1. Kim ______ a letter to his parents right now.

(a) is studying   (b) is writing     (c) is speaking  (d) is singing


  1. Right now, Aayush ____dinner for his family.

(a) is reading    (b) is talking     (c) is doing        (d) is cooking

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  1. Tanu and Manu ____ soccer right now.

(a) are talking   (b) are writing  (c) are playing  (d) are making


  1. Right now, Manish ____ a new car.

(a) is running    (b) is sleeping   (c) is buying      (d) is watching


  1. Right now, Natasha and I _____. The water feels good!

(a) are running                              (b) are studying

(c) are helping                               (d) are swimming


  1. Right now, Mark ____ with his dog.

(a) is trying       (b) is playing     (c) is making     (d) is having


  1. Tanu and I ____to a party on Saturday.

(a) are dancing (b) are having   (c) are going     (d) are making


  1. The baby ______ right now. Don’t wake her up!

(a) is sleeping   (b) is walking    (c) is speaking  (d) is crying


  1. You ____ English now.

(a) are drawing                             (b) are studying

(c) are eating                                 (d) are having


Answer Keys:

(11) C; (12) B; (13) D; (14) C; (15) C; (16) D; (17) B; (18) C; (19) A; (20) B