Science Olympiad Grade 2 Plant Life Worksheet-3

Plant Life

plant life worksheets

  1. Which of the following food is a root?

(A) Brinjal                         (B) Pineapple


(C) Carrot                  (D) Cabbage

       grade 2 plant life                                                  

  1. Bean plant is a/an:

(A) cereal                                        (B) pulse           

(C) beverage                                  (D) ornamental plant


  1. A plant makes its own food with the help of its leaves. But from where does a seed get the food to grow into a seedling?

(A) It uses the stored food in the seed

(B) It makes its own food

(C) It gets it from the soil

(D) It does not need food to grow


  1. Which of the following statements is NOT correct?

(A) Wheat and rice are pulses

(B) A potato is a stem

(C) A turnip is a root

(D) We eat leaves of spinach and cabbage


  1. A plant needs_______, air and water to grow.

 (A) wood            (B) sunlight

 (C) soil                 (D) chemicals.


  1. Name a medicine that is made by bark (trunk) of a plant and used to cure malaria.

(A) Penicillin                                  (B) Quinine

(C) Cold syrup                               (D) Cough syrup

types of plants grade 2 science

These plants are mostly found in:

(A) water           (B) mountains (C) desert          (D) plains.


  1. Which of the following is an aquatic plant?

(A) Bottle gourd                            (B) Water lily   

(C) Mint                                          (D) Chrysanthemum


  1. The beautiful part of the plant that produces seed is the

(A) Leaf              (B) Flower         (C) Root             (D) Stem


  1. Which of the following you use most commonly for making 'chapaties'?

(A)     (B)         (C)           (D) None of these


Answer Keys:

(21)–(C); (22)–(B); (23)–(A); (24)–(A); (25)–(B); (26)–(B); (27)–(C); (28)–(B); (29)–(B); (30)–(A)