English Olympiad Grade 4 Worksheet-5

The Complete Course of Grammar Worksheet-5


  1. Lata is in second grade. She wakes-up at seven every morning. She takes a bath, eats her breakfast, packs her bag and walks to the bus stop.

What do you think Lata will do next?

A. She will sleep.

B. She will go to school.

C. She will clean her room.

D. She will go tothe doctor


  1. What does the suffix "less" mean in the word careless?

A. full of             B. able to           C. without          D. one who


  1. Which of these prefixes means "bad or wrong"?

A. pre-                B. non-               C. bi-                   D. mis-

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  1. Anusha ____ to go swimming this weekend.

A. want               B. is want           C. wants             D. will wants


  1. I _____ reading books.

A. likes               B. will likes        C. like                 D. is liking


  1. There is that _____that you wanted to buy.

A. dress              B. dresses          C. is dress          D. will dress


  1. Choose the sentence that is written correctly.

A. He was born on May 15 1998.

B. He was born on , May, 15 1998.

C. He was born on May, 15, 1998.

D. He was born on May 15, 1998.


  1. Which possessive noun BEST completes the sentence?

A. grandfater'                                B. grandfathers

C. grandfather's                            D. grandfathers'


  1. What does understandable mean?

A. without understanding B. able to understand

C. can not understand                 D. full of understanding


  1. Which possessive noun is correct?

A. mans'             B. mens'             C. babys             D. children's


Answer Keys:

(1)–B; (2)–C; (3)–D; (4)–C; (5)–C; (6)–A; (7)–D; (8)–C; (9)–B; (10)–D