• The removal of substances from a mixture of two or more substances is termed as separation.
  • Examples- filtering water, separating vegetables and fruits, sieving the flour, straining tea.
  • If we observe the grains carefully; we will find tiny stones, insects, etc. in it which needs to be separated before consuming it.


Methods of Separation:

  • Different methods are used for separating substances that are mixed together.
  • Separation is carried out on the basis of difference in size, shape, mass, etc.
  • Some common methods are:
  1. Threshing
  2. Winnowing
  3. Hand-picking
  4. Sieving



  • It is done to separate seed from a harvested plant.
  • It is a part of harvesting process.
  • It involves separating the grains from the straw either by impact, friction or combining action.



  • Any delay between cutting and threshing diminishes the grains, especially during field drying or when the crop is stacked in the field. So, this process is very important.