Separation of substances Worksheet-4

Separation of substances Worksheet-4


Multiple-Choice Question:

  1. Winnowing is useful only when:

(A) two solids have different melting points

(B) two solids have different boiling points

(C) two solids have different magnetic properties

(D) two solids have different weights


  1. The process of churning of Butter milk in a mixer grinder is:

(A) Centrifugation                           (B) Distillation

(C) Mixing


  1. The process we use to separate a mixture of water and sulphur is:

(A) Filtration       (B) Sublimation   (C) Evaporation   (D) Distillation


  1. Cream is separated from milk by:

(A) Evaporation  (B) Coagulation   (C) Distillation     (D) Centrifugation


  1. A homogeneous liquid-liquid solu­tion is separated by:

(A) Distillation    (B) Decantation   (C) Sublimation   (D) Filtration


  1. Particles of sugar separate from jalebi when kept for few hours because:

(A) Sugar solution used for coating it is saturated

(B) Sugar powder is sprinkled over it to make it sweet

(C) Sugar solution used to coat it is supersaturated

(D) Can’t say


  1. Match the following:



  1. Distilled water is an impure substance.
  2. A solution in which some more solute can be dissolved at a fixed temperature is called saturated solution.
  3. Suspended particles in a liquid are separated by centrifugation.
  4. Evaporation is used to prepare salt from seawater.


Answer key:

  1. (D)
  2. (A)
  3. (C)
  4. (D)
  5. (A)
  6. (A)
  7. 1-c, 2-b, 3-d, 4-e, 5-a
  8. False
  9. False
  10. False
  11. True