Separation of substances Worksheet-7

Separation of substances Worksheet-7


Fill in the blanks:

  1. The process of beating harvested crops to separate seeds from husk is called _____.
  2. The method used to separate pieces of chaff from the grain by wind or blowing air is called_____.
  3. The process of separating insoluble solids suspended in a liquid by allowing them to settle down is called _____.
  4. The process of pouring out the clear upper liquid without disturbing the sediments is called ____.
  5. The process by which an insoluble solid is separated from a liquid by passing the mixture through a filtering device is called _____.
  6. A solution that can dissolve no more of solute is called a _______ solution.
  7. Changing of a liquid into gaseous form is called______.
  8. When matter changes from its gaseous state into its liquid state, it is called _____.
  9. A change where substances mix completely with the liquid they have been added to and cannot be separated easily is called _____.
  10. ____ is the ability of a substance to dissolve in a given liquid.
  11. Grains and husk can be separated using _____ process.
  12. When small stones need to be removed from rice, we use the process of ______.
  13. In sedimentation, the upper liquid is called ______.
  14. By _____ process, stones and pebbles can be separated from sand at construction sites.



  1. Threshing
  2. Winnowing
  3. Sedimentation
  4. Decantation
  5. Filtration
  6. Saturated
  7. Evaporation
  8. Condensation
  9. Dissolving
  10. Solubility
  11. Threshing
  12. hand-picking
  13. supernatant
  14. Sieving