Simple future tense - will, shall

Simple future tense - will, shall

We use will with the basic form of the verb. We do not use to with the verb after will and we do not add -s, -ing or -ed to the verb after will:

Positive l/you/he/she/it/we/you/they will go

Short formsl/you/he/she/it/we/you/they'll go

Negative l/you/he/she/it/we/you/they will not/won't go

Questions Will l/you/he/she/it/we/you/they go?

Short answersYes, I will   No, I won't.


A.  Sarita goes to work every day.

      She is always  there from 8.30 until 4.30.

  1. It is 11 o'clock now. Sarita is at work.

  2. At 11 o'clock yesterday, she was at work.

  3. At 11 o'clock tomorrow, she will be at work.


B.  We can use shall or will after I and we:

  1. We shall probably go to London next week.

Short forms of shall:    I'll/We'll go. (the same as will)

I shan't. We shan't, (negative)

Shall is more formal and less common than will in modern English.


C. We use will:

1.       for things that we decide to do now, at the moment of speaking:

Ravi's here. I'll get him some coffee.

The Sun’s shining. I'll go swimming.

Are you going home? I'll call a taxi for you.


2.      When we think or believe something about the future:

Anant will probably pass the exam.

In 2020 the population of India will be 140 crore.


3.      When we talk about possibility and probability, and after:

 I think, I expect, I promise, I hope, I'm sure and similar verbs:

  1. I expect Aryan will pass the exam.

  2. I promise I'll come back on time.

  3. She's sure he'll help her.

  4. She'll probably come later.

  5. I don't think it will rain this afternoon.

  6. Do you think the exam will be difficult?

  7. I’m tried. I think I’II go to bed early tonight.

  8. It’s nice day. I think I’II sit in the garden.

  9. It’s raining. I don’t think I’II go out.


4.      to make an offer, promise or threat:

I’II help you. (offer)    

I  won't be late, (promise)

I'll tell boss. (threat)


We also use Shall I...? to offer to do something:

  1. You look tired. Shall I help you?  

  2. That's a heavy bag. Shall I carry it for you?

  3. It’s very warm in this room. Shall I open the window?

  4. Shall I phone you this evening?’  ‘ yes, please,’

  5. I’m going to a party tonight. What shall I wear?

  6. It’s a nice day. Shall we go for a walk?

  7. Where shall we go for our holidays this year?

  8. ‘let’s go out this evening.’ ‘ok, what time shall we meet?’