Tense mixed review Worksheet-48

Tense mixed review Worksheet-48


  1. Taru and Monica ____eggs.

A. eat                  B. Don’t eats     C. eats                 D. Doesn’t eat


  1. Meenu____     English every day.

A. studies           B. studys            C. studied          D. Don’t study


  1. Kavya and Jaya (study)____English on Monday and Tuesday.

A. Are studying                             B. study

C. studies                                        D. studys


  1. Anu and I ____coffee.

A. Don’t drink                               B. Doesn’t drink

C. Don’t drinks                              D. drinks


  1. Isha (like)____chocolate.

A. Doesn’t like  B. like                 C. Don’t like      D. Don’t likes


  1. Diya ____movies.

A. Doesn’t watch                           B. watch

C. Don’t watch                               D. Don’t watches


  1. Yamini ____the piano.

A. plays                                           B. Doesn’t plays

C. Don’t plays                                D. Don’t play


  1. The students ____tests.

A. take                B. takes              C. Don’t takes   D. Doesn’t take


  1. It ____here a lot.

A. rains              B. Don’t rain     C. Is raining      D. Doesn’t rains


  1. Jiya and I ____basketball and soccer.

A. Am playing   B. play                C. plays              D. Don’t plays


  1. Kim ____fiction novels.

A. read               B. reads              C. reading          D. Don’t read


  1. Riya and Daya ____the newspaper.

A. read               B. reads              C. Don’t reads   D. Doesn’t read


  1. I ____ cakes.

A. bake               B. bakes             C. Don’t bakes  D. Doesn’t bake


  1. You____in an office.

A. work                                           B. works

C. Don’t works                               D. Doesn’t work


  1. We ____ pictures of birds.

A. Don’t take                                  B. Doesn’t take

C. Doesn’t takes                            D. Don’t takes


  1. They ____about cars.

A. Don’t talk      B. talks               C. Doesn’t talk  D. Don’t talks


  1. He ____ about school.

A. think                                           B. Doesn’t think

C. Don’t thinks                              D. Don’t think


  1. ____she ____ Soccer?

A. Does, play     B. Do, play        C. Do, plays       D. Does, plays


  1. ____it ____ here a lot?

A. Does, rain     B. Does, rains   C. Do, rains       D. Do, rain


  1. I ____chocolate.

A. Do like                                        B. Don’t like

C. Doesn’t like                               D. Doesn’t likes


Answer Key:

(41)-A; (42)-A; (43)-B; (44)-A; (45)-A; (46)-A; (47)-A; (48)-A; (49)-A; (50)-B; (51)-B; (52)-A; (53)-A; (54)-A; (55)-A; (56)-A; (57)-B; (58)-A; (59)-A; (60)-B