Simple Past Tense-Worksheet-5

Simple Past Tenses Worksheet-5


Fill in the blank/s using correct form of verb/s.

  1. The movie starts at 7.30 and _________ at 10 o’clock.

(A) finishes         (B) finished          (C) has finished   (D) is finishing


  1. When I was a child, I _________ to be a doctor.

(A) want              (B) was wanting  (C) wanted          (D) have wanted


  1. The accident _________ last Sunday afternoon.

(A) was happening                          (B) has happened

(C) happened                                   (D) had happened

  1. It _____ a nice day today but yesterday it rained all day.

(A) is                    (B) was                 (C) has                 (D) none

  1. We enjoyed our holiday. We________ at a very nice place.

(A) stay                                             (B) were staying 

(C) stayed                                         (D) have stayed

  1. Anu’s grandfather _________ when he was 90 years old.

(A) has died         (B) died                (C) was died        (D) is dying


Answer Key:

(11)-(A); (12)-(C); (13)-(C); (14)-(A); (15)-(C); (16)-(B)