Solid, Liquid & Gases Worksheet-1

Solid, Liquid & Gases Worksheet-1


Multiple Choice Questions:

  1. All things surrounded by us take up space and have ______.

(a) weight                    (b) temperature         (c) pressure


  1. What is a substance that has weight called? 

(a) Solute                    (b) Matter                   (c) Solvent


  1. What is a substance that occupies space called?

(a) Solute                    (b) Matter                   (c) Solvent


  1. How many states of matter are there?

(a) One                        (b) Two                        (c) Three


  1. Which of the following is a state of matter?

(a) Solute                    (b) Solvent                  (c) Gas


  1. All matter is made up of ______ particles. 

(a) small                      (b) large


  1. What are the substances in which the particles are packed very close to each other called?

(a) Solids                     (b) Liquids                  (c) Gases


  1. Solids are usually _______.

(a) hard                       (b) soft


  1. Solids have a _______ shape.

(a) moving                  (b) fixed


  1. _______ can be made by sawing the wood. 

(a) Chairs                    (b) Tents


Answer Key:

(1)-A; (2)-B; (3)-B; (4)-C; (5)-C; (6)-A; (7)-A; (8)-A; (9)-B; (10)-A