Some natural phenomenon Worksheet-5

Some natural phenomenon Worksheet-5


Short Question:

  1. What are natural calamities?

  2. What is lightning?

  3. What is the main cause of lightning?

  4. What is amber?

  5. What is the function of earthing?

  6. What is an electroscope?

  7. How lightning occurs in the sky?

  8. Which safety measures must be taken at home during lightning?

  9. What should be avoided during lightning?

  10. How lightning conductor works?

  11. What is the cause of an earthquake?

  12. What are the precautions taken during an earthquake?


Answer in a word:

  1. Name any two natural destructive phenomena.        

  2. What is the main cause of lightning in the sky?         

  3. Name the scientist who studied the lightning first time.   

  4. Is lightning and spark from the clothes the same phenomena?

  5. When a plastic comb is rubbed with dry hair, which of these will gain charge?    

  6. How many kinds of charge are present?   

  7. What is the nature of charge produced by rubbing objects with one another?  

  8. What a moving charge is called?      

  9. What is the process of transferring of charge from a charged object to the earth called?

  10. What is caused due to leakage of electric current?    

  11. Name the device used to detect whether body is charged or not.       

  12. Is air poor conductor of electricity? 

  13. Should we stay near a pole or metal object during lightning?   

  14. What should be done with plugged electric appliances during lightning? 

  15. What is the device used to protect tall buildings from lightning called?    

  16. What is the sudden shaking or trembling of the earth called?   

  17. What is the uppermost layer of earth called?    

  18. What is the fragments of outermost layer of earth called?

  19. What is another term for seismic zone?    

  20. Name the scale used to measure the magnitude of earthquake?        



Answer in a word:

  1. Lightning and earthquake

  2. Accumulation of charges

  3. Benjamin Franklin

  4. Yes

  5. Plastic comb

  6. Two types

  7. Static charge

  8. Electric current

  9. Earthing

  10. Electric shock

  11. Electroscope

  12. Yes

  13. No

  14. Must be unplugged or turn off

  15. Lightning conductor

  16. Earthquake

  17. Crust

  18. Earth plates

  19. Fault zone

  20. Richter scale