Some natural phenomenon Worksheet-1

Some natural phenomenon Worksheet-1


Fill in the blank:

  1. _______ is caused by the accumulation of charges in the clouds.  

  2. _______ charge can be transferred from a charged object to another through a metal conductor.      

  3. The process of transferring of charge from a charged object to the earth is called ______.

  4. _______ is a device used to protect buildings from the effect of lightning.         

  5. An_______ is a sudden shaking or trembling of the earth lasting for a very short time.        

  6. Uppermost layer of the earth called the ______.

  7. The power of an earthquake is expressed in terms of a magnitude on a scale called _____.

  8. Destructive earthquakes have magnitudes higher than _______ on the Richter scale.

  9. The Central Building Research Institute, _______, has developed quake proof houses.

  10. In 1752 ______, an American scientist, discovered  lightning

  11. The electrical charges generated by rubbing the object are ______.

  12. When charges move, they constitute a/an _______.      

  13. Earthing is provided in buildings to protect us from ______ due to any leakage of electrical current.

  14. Earthquakes are caused by the movement of ______.

  15. The weak earthquake zones are known as ______ zones.


Answer key:

  1. Lightning

  2. Electrical

  3. Earthing

  4. Lightning Conductor

  5. Earthquake

  6. Crust

  7. Richter scale

  8. 7

  9. Roorkee

  10. Benjamin Franklin

  11. Static

  12. Electric current

  13. Electrical shocks

  14. Earth’s plates

  15. Seismic