Arrangement puzzles-3



Reasoning-puzzles for competitive exams :

A rock band has five members. Their names are John, Mark, Andrew, Paul and Simon. The instruments that the band uses are the drums, the flute, the keyboard, the guitar and the bass. Each member plays only one of the instruments. Each member of the band is from one of South Africa, USA, Ireland, France and England, though not necessarily in that order. The hair colours of the members are blonde, green, red, black and yellow, again not necessarily in that order.

The following information is known.

  1. John’s hair is red. He is not from Ireland or France.
  1. Andrew plays the drums. His hair is not yellow, and he is not from the USA.
  1. Paul and Simon have yellow and green hair, not necessarily in that order.
  1. Mark plays the guitar. He is from England.
  1. Paul and Simon are from France and the USA, not necessarily in that order.
  1. The Irishman has blonde hair, and the Frenchman has green hair.
  1. The South African plays the bass and the American plays the keyboards. One of them has yellow hair.