Expansion and contraction of liquids


•    Liquids generally expand by larger amounts than solids.

•    This difference in expansion rate is sometimes observed when the gas tank of a car is filled on a hot day.

•    A few examples of liquids that expand and contract are:

     (i)   Alcohol in thermometers

     (ii)  Gasoline in cars

     (iii) Oceans and lakes

     (iv) Engine coolant

•    In the last 100 years, the temperature of oceans and lakes on Earth has increased.

•    Warmer oceans and lakes have a greater volume.

•    When oceans have larger volumes, sea levels rise.

•    If there is enough of an increase in volume coastal cities can flood.

•    Gasoline expands during hot weather.

•    A full tank on a warm day could overflow.

•    The mercury in a thermometer expands and contracts in response to the surrounding temperature.

•    Water expands on heating.