Synonyms & Antonyms-Workbook

This workbook contains worksheet on English Grammar - Synonyms & Antonyms for Grade-3 Olympiad students. There are 6 worksheets with 80+ questions.
Pattern of questions : Multiple Choice Questions…

Synonyms & Antonyms Worksheet-8

Choose a correct synonyms for the underlined words.

  1. Sharks have the most powerful jaws on the planet.

A. Small             B. Weak             C. Long              D. Strong


  1. The Sun is very far from the Earth.

A. Near               B. Long              C. Deeper          D. Distant

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  1. The boy was very polite to everyone.

A. Shy                 B. Dull                C. Mean             D. courteous


  1. Ryan's house is close to the City Gym.

A. Near               B. Far                 C. Small             D. Large


  1. He has saved enough money to pay for his college tuition.

A. Less                B. Large             C. Sufficient      D. Increase


  1. Joy always keeps her house tidy.

A. Dirty              B. Messy            C. Clean             D. Noisy


  1. The Earth is very tiny compared to the Sun.

A. Small             B. Big                  C. Huge              D. Enormous


  1. Driving in snow is very risky.

A. Harmless      B. Dangerous    C. Impolite        D. Huge


  1. Everyone was very tired and sleepy.

A. Energetic      B. Gloomy         C. Drowsy          D. Sad


  1. The house was vacant since last month.

A. Rescue           B. Empty           C. Assist             D. Interior


Answer Keys:

1. D; 2. D; 3. D; 4. A; 5. C; 6. C; 7. A; 8. B; 9. C; 10. B