Tense mixed review Worksheet-54

Tense mixed review Worksheet-54


  1. He ____milk.  It looks good. It ____down his chin.  He needs a napkin.

A. Is drinking, running               B. Is drinking, is running

C. Drinks, runs                              D. Is drinking, was running


  1. Bantu ____his homework now. We are going to watch a movie when he is finished.

A. Is doing         B. Was doing    C. Is not doing  D. Has done


  1. All of the children ____at the party.  They ____. They ____ a good time.

A. Are dancing, are smiling, are having

B. Are dancing, smiling, are having

C. Are dancing, are smiling, have had

D. Are dancing, are smiling,  having


  1. Jaya ____pictures of Roman Cathedrals last year.

A. Has taken     B. Have taken   C. took                D. Didn’t took


  1. My car ____down the hill.  I forgot to engage the parking break. Somebody please help me!

A. Is moving                                  B. Isn’t moving

C. Was moving                              D. moved


  1. Anu and Amy ____a walk. The fresh air feels great.

A. Is taking        B. Have take     C. took                D. Are taking


  1. Dr. Manav is busy. He  ____a patient right now.  He will see you in twenty minutes.

A. Is seeing        B. Was seeing   C. Has seen       D. saw


  1. Mr. Sharma and I ____on the phone.  He ____me about his children. They seem nice.

A. Were talking, told                    B. Are talking, is telling

C. Talk, tells                                   D. Is talking, is telling


  1. Amy and Alia ____the dog for a walk.  Garima ____her hair. I ____my teeth.

A. Are taking, is combing, am brushing

B. Are taking, is combing, brushing

C. Are taking, is combing, have  brushed

D. were taking, was combing, were brushing


  1. Tanu and Beenu ____to music.  It sounds like rock music.

A. Have listened                            B. Are listening

C. Were listening                          D. listened


  1. Right now, Mr. Aman ____the bus.  The bus ____slowly.  I don't mind, though.  I am not in a hurry.

A. Is driving, is moving               B. was driving, was moving

C. Is driving, were moving         D. Drives, moves


  1. The band ____a song.

A. Has played                                B. Have played

C. play                                             D. Didn’t played


  1. We ____in the office until 5:00 today.

A. Are working                              B. Are not working

C. Have worked                             D. worked


  1. Be careful! Manas ____, and the oven is hot.

A. Was cooking                             B. Are cooking

C. Is cooking                                  D. Has cook


  1. Richa and her friend ____to dinner tonight.  They ____ready now. They should be here in twenty minutes.

A. Are coming, are getting         B. were coming, were getting

C. Have come, have got               D. Come, get


  1. Right now, the machines ____car parts. They will be finished in two hours.

A. Has made     B. Is making     C. makes            D. Are making


  1.  The outdoorsmen ____Mt. Denali this year.  I hope they make it to the top!

A. Has climbed                             B. Is climbing

C. climbs                                        D. climbed


  1. Amar and Ajra ____to Mumbai this week.

A. Are moving                               B. Have moved

C. move                                           D. Were moving


  1. The bright lights ____.  They ____my eyes.

A. Are flashing, are hurting       B. Is flashing, is hurting

C. Flash, hurt                                D. Are flashing, were hurting


  1. Right now, you ____on the computer.

A. Are typing                                 B. Have typed

C. typed                                           D. Were typing


Answer Key:

(1)-B; (2)-A; (3)-A; (4)-C; (5)-A; (6)-D; (7)-A; (8)-B; (9)-A; (10)-B; (11)-A; (12)-A; (13)-A; (14)-C; (15)-A; (16)-D; (17)-B; (18)-A; (19)-A; (20)-A