The Green Plants Worksheet-5

The Green Plants Worksheet-5


Fill in the blanks:

  1. Plants appear green due to the presence of a substance called _______.

  2. Plants that have chlorophyll in their leaves are called ______ plants.

  3. The process by which green plants make their own food is called _____.

  4. A chain that shows how living beings obtain food is called _____ chain.

  5. The flat part of the leaf is called ____ blade.

  6. The tiny holes present on the surface of the leaves are known as ______.

  7. ______ are known as the food factories of a plant.

  8. The food prepared by the process of photosynthesis is called_______.

  9. The plant stores the extra food as ______ in different parts of a plant.


Answer Key

  1. Chlorophyll

  2. Green

  3. Photosynthesis

  4. Food

  5. Leaf

  6. Stomata

  7. Leaves

  8. Sugar

  9. starch