Tissue Worksheet-3

Tissue Worksheet-3


Fill in the blanks:

  1. Along with vessel, ______ also conduct water.


  1. Xylem parenchyma stores food and helps in lateral conduction of______.


  1. The main function of ______ is to carry water and mineral salts upward from the root to different parts of shoots.


  1. End walls of ______ are perforated by numerous pores and are called sieve plates.


  1. Tissues together form an ______.


  1. Lining of blood vessels is made up of _______.


  1. Lining of small intestine is made up of ______.


  1. Epithelial cells with cilia are found in ______of our body.


  1. Bone possesses a hard matrix composed of ______ and_____


  1. ______ is the simplest kind of animal tissue.


  1. _______forms the inner lining of mouth, alimentary canal and other internal organs.


  1. Squamous epithelium is also known as ______.


  1. ______epithelium consists of cube-like cells which are about as tall as wide.


  1. ______epithelium consists of tall or pillar like cells that are much taller than wide.


  1. ______ lines the stomach, intestine and gall bladder.


  1. ______epithelium consists of cuboidal or columnar cells that bear cilia on their free surface.


  1. _______epithelium is present in the nasal passages, oviducts and terminal bronchioles.


  1. _______ epithelium consists of columnar cells modified to secrete chemicals.


  1. ______ are attached to the bones by tendons.


  1. ______muscles do not work according to our will.



  1. Trachieds

  2. Water

  3. Xylem

  4. Sieve tube

  5. Organ

  6. epithelial tissue, squamous epithelium

  7. columnar epithelium

  8. Respiratory tract

  9. calcium and phosphorus

  10. epithelial

  11. Epithelial tissue, epithelia,epithelium

  12. pavement epithelium

  13. Cuboidal

  14. Columnar

  15. Columnar epithelium

  16. ciliated

  17. ciliated, Columnar ciliated

  18. Glandular

  19. skeletal muscles, striated muscles, muscles, voluntary muscles, skeletal muscle, striated muscle, muscle, voluntary muscle

  20. involuntary