Tissue Worksheet-4

Tissue Worksheet-4


Fill in the blanks:

  1. _______muscles work according to our own will.


  1. _______muscles are confined to heart walls, pulmonary veins and superior vena cava.


  1. _______-tissue forms protective sheath and packing material around various organs.


  1. ______ is the most widely distributed connective tissue in animals.


  1. ______ fibres provide flexibility and strength whereas _______fibres provide elasticity.


  1. Dense regular connective tissue is the principal componenet of ______ and ______.


  1. The ______connects skeletal muscles with the bones.


  1. The _______serve to bind bones together.


  1. _______is primarily a fat storing tissue.


  1. ______tissue stores fat and serves as an insulator to prevent the loss of heat from body.


  1. ______is a hard but flexible skeletal tissue consisting of living cells embedded in a matrix.


  1. ______ is very strong and non-flexible vertebrate connective tissue.


  1. A compact bone consists of living bone cells, called ______.


  1. Fluid tissue is also known as______.


  1. ______ is the most important fluid connective tissue.


  1. _______ and ______ are important components of blood.


  1. _______ tissue is present in brain, spinal cord and sense organs.


  1. The main cell body of a neuron is also called as ____.


  1. The short much-branched and tapering projections arising from the cell body are ______.


  1. The ______ is long cylindrical process arising from the main cell body of neuron.


  1. The ______ is the upper layer in a plant tissue.


  1. The stomatal openings are present in______.


  1. Stomata is surrounded by ______.


  1. The waxy layer above the epidermis is called ______.



  1. skeletal muscles, striated muscles, muscles, voluntary muscles, skeletal muscle, striated muscle, muscle, voluntary muscle

  2. cardiac

  3. connective

  4. Areolar, Loose connective tissue

  5. Collagen, elastic

  6. tendons/tendon, ligament/ligaments

  7. Tendons/tendon

  8. ligament/ligaments

  9. adipose

  10. Adipose

  11. Cartilage

  12. Bone

  13. osteoblasts

  14. vascular tissue

  15. blood

  16. Plasma, cells

  17. Nervous

  18. cyton

  19. dendrites, dendrons

  20. axon

  21. epidermis

  22. epidermis

  23. guard cells

  24. cuticle