Verb Notes-3 [Level-2]

Verb Notes-3 [Level-2]


Still more about is and are…

Read the following sentences:

  1. She is his sister.


  1. He is my father.


  1. This is a dog. It is brown and white.


  1. Ram, you are my friend.


  1. That is my pencil.


As you see, we use ‘IS’ with she, he, it, this and that.


Read the following sentences:

  1. All of you are good.


  1. We are in class 2.


  1. These toys are nice.


  1. They are cousins.


  1. Those trees are tall.


You can also see that we use ‘ARE’ with singular and plural you. We also use ‘ARE’ with we, they, these and those.


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