used to - Exercise–1

‘used to’ Exercise – 1


Aayush is a multimillionaire. But when he was young, he was very poor. Complete the sentences with used to + verb. Use the same verb as in the first half of the sentence or use the verb in brackets.

  1. Now he sleeps in a golden bed but he used to sleep in the park.

  2. Now he wears designer clothes but ____ second-hand clothes.

  3. Now he eats pheasant and caviar but ____ dry bread.

  4. Now he drinks champagne but ____ water.

  5. Now he lives in a villa but ____ in a tent.

  6. Now he has six bathrooms but ____ in the river. (bath)

  7. Now his chauffeur drives him but ____ everywhere. (walk)

  8. Now he has a lot of money but ____ nothing in his pockets.

  9. Now he reads the latest magazines but ____ old newspapers.

  10. Now he eats at expensive restaurants but ____ food in the rubbish. (find)

  11. Now he knows a lot of famous people but ____ no friends. (have)

  12. Now he has a private cinema but ____ TV in shop windows. (watch)

  13. Now the police call him "sir" but ____ him. (arrest)

  14. Now he stays in luxury hotels but ____ in the forest. (camp)

  15. Now he worries about taxes but ____ about nothing.


Look again at sentences 1-8 in exercise – 1.

Make questions with used to and give a short answer.

  1. Did he use to sleep in a golden bed ? No, he didn't

  2. _______ Yes, _______

  3. _______ Yes, _______

  4. _______ Yes, _______

  5. _______ No, _______

  6. _______ Yes, _______

  7. _______ No, _______

  8. _______ No, _______


Look again at sentences 9-15 in exercise – 1.

Make negative sentences with used to.

  1. He didn't use to read the latest magazines

  2. ____________

  3. ____________

  4. ____________

  5. ____________

  6. ____________

  7. ____________



  1. he used to sleep

  2. he used to wear

  3. he used to eat

  4. he used to drink

  5. he used to live

  6. he used to bathe

  7. he used to walk

  8. he used to have

  9. he used to read

  10. he used to find

  11. he used to have

  12. he used to watch

  13. they used to arrest

  14. he used to camp

  15. he used to worry

  16. Did he use to sleep in a golden bed? No, he didn't

  17. Did he use to wear second hand clothes? Yes, he did

  18. Did he use to eat dry bread? Yes, he did

  19. Did he use to drink water? Yes, he did

  20. Did he use to live in a villa? No, he didn’t

  21. Did he use to bathe in the river? Yes, he did

  22. Did he use to have a chauffeur to drive him everywhere? No, he didn’t

  23. Did he use to have a lot of money? No, he didn’t

  24. He didn't use to read the latest magazines.

  25. He didn’t use to eat at expensive restaurants.

  26. He didn’t use to have any friends.

  27. He didn’t use to have a private cinema.

  28. Police didn’t use to call him sir.

  29. He didn’t use to stay at luxury hotels.

  30. He didn’t use to worry about anything.