Verb Notes-6 [Level-5]

Verb Notes-6 [Level-5]


Verbs not used in the present continuous tense:

It is wrong to say:

  1. I am having two pens. → I have two pens. (is correct)


  1. The tin is containing some peas. → The tin contains some peas. (is correct)


Present perfect tense:

Used for an action that has just been completed.


Form of the verb in the present perfect tense:

has/have + past participle (V3 form)


  1. Sheila has completed her homework.


  1. The men have eaten a late lunch.


Words like "just, already, recently, just now" show that the action has just ended.


More uses of present perfect tense:

  1. Action that started in the past is still going on:


  1. The monument has stood here for more than a hundred years.


  1. They have lived in Ahmedabad since 1950.


  1. Action that took place in the past but its effect is still there now.


  1. My mother has got a teaching experience of ten years.


  1. The girls have learnt their poems well.


  1. Show past events the time for which is not mentioned:


  1. They have known each other for years.


  1. I have never visited Singapore.


Past tense:

  1. To express a past habit or regular action:


  1. Last year she distributed sweets every month.


  1. During the past decade he visited the Lotus Temple every year.


  1. To express an action that began and ended in the past:


  1. We had peas for lunch yesterday.


  1. The soldiers fought bravely during the war.


  1. We watched that movie last week.


  1. To narrate a story:


  1. Once upon a time there lived a king...


  1. Once an old man had four sons...


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