Verb Exercise-8 [Level-5]

Verb Practice Exercise-8 [Level-5]


  1. Fill in the blanks according to the instructions given:
  1. When ____ I ____ (see) you again?


  1. Sunita ____ (perform) at this theatre next week.


  1. Next year we ____ (visit) the Taj Mahal.


  1. What type of reaction ____ he ____ (give) to this behaviour?


  1. I ____ (solve) the sums after I have done my Hindi homework.


  1. It is so hot. We ____ in the pool. (swim)


  1. Sunita ____ with her dolls. (play)


  1. The mill-owner ____ a bonus for Diwali. (declare)


  1. I ____ my mother in the evening. (visit)


  1. They are hungry. I am sure they ____ all the food. (finish)


  1. Fill in the blanks with the future continuous forms of the verbs. Choose from the given list:

(perform, go, recite, plant, work, sleep, teach)

  1. The little girl ____ in her new home next month.


  1. Mona ____ at the opening ceremony of the new hall.


  1. We ____ to Ooty for our vacations this year.


  1. The principal ____ the higher classes next year.


  1. The school teachers ____ many saplings for their garden project.


  1. Students of kindergarten ____ a few poems on Annual Day.


  1. Anita ____ in her garden once she buys a few seeds.



  1. 1. will, see

2. will perform

3. will visit

4. will, give

5. will solve

6. are going to swim

7. is going to play

8. is going to declare

9. am going to visit

10. are going to finish


  1. 1. will be sleeping

2. will be performing

3. will be going

4. will be teaching

5. will be planting

6. will be reciting

7. will be working


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