Verb Notes-2 [Level-7]

Verb Notes-2 [Level-7]


More about gerunds:

Gerunds can:

  1. Take determiners: The writing on the wall needs to be cleaned.


  1. Be modified by an adjective: The melodious singing kept everyone quiet.


  1. Have their own objects: Smoking cigarettes is injurious to health.


  1. Gerund as object: Ali has finished eating.


  1. Gerund as complement: The new book is disappointing.


Gerund as subject: In sentence (a) The writing - subject

Gerund as object: In sentence (d) eating - object of ''has finished"

Gerund as complement: In sentence (e) disappointing - complement of the verb of incomplete predication "is"


More about participles:


Participles are verbal adjectives.


  1. The starting point is quite far off. (starting - present participle -modifying the noun point)


  1. The fallen tree disturbed the traffic. (fallen - past participle -modifying the noun tree)