Verb Notes-4 [Level-6]

Verb Notes-4 [Level-6]


Future perfect tense:

To express an action that will be finished at some point of time in the future.

Form of the verb = will have + past participle (V3 form)


  1. I will have finished my work by evening.


  1. Sunita will have arrived by 4 o'clock tomorrow.


  1. The guest will have left before father arrives.


Future perfect continuous tense:

For an action - started in the past - continued till present - will continue and end in future.

Form of the verb: will have + been + verb (ing)


  1. By 2015, our neighbours will have been living in the city for more than fifty years.


  1. If we do not take care, all the endangered species will have been destroyed by the end of the next decade or two.


  1. We must use petrol judiciously; otherwise all the stock will have been used up by within the next few years.


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