English Olympiad Grammar Worksheet-43

The Complete Course of Grammar Worksheet-43


  1. An Octopus can change colour to match his surroundings and can even change the texture of his skin to further camouflage himself.

A. Fantasy         B. Fact                C. Opinion         D. None of these


  1. The children enjoyed ______ a lot at the picnic.

A. they                B. theirs             C. themselves   D. theirselves


  1. Amy was born _____ June.

A. to                    B. in                    C. at                    D. on


  1. Anand waited about ___ hour at the airport.

A. a                      B. an                   C. the                  D. Could be both "a" and "the"


  1. "Tinas shoes are ____ than Marys shoes."

A. expensiveness                          B. expensiver

C. less expensive                           D. least expensive


  1. "Australia is one of the _____ countries Ive visited."

A. more interesting                      B. most interesting

C. interest                                      D. most interested


  1. We ____at the pool yesterday.

A. was                 B. were               C. are                  D. am


  1. Who _____the room party hall?

A. will cleaned                               B. will cleaning

C. will clean                                   D. cleaning


  1. Find the verb in the following sentence.

She crawls through a tunnel into the nest.

A. tunnel            B. crawls            C. nest                D. through


  1. Replace the noun in bracket with the correct pronoun.

Mrs. Modi met the (students) last week.

A. them              B. their               C. ours                D. they


Answer Key:

(1)-B; (2)-C; (3)-B; (4)-B; (5)-C; (6)-B; (7)-B; (8)-C; (9)-B; (10)-A