Vocabulary Worksheet-18

Vocabulary Worksheet-18


  1. The Latin root "act" means to do. What does activity mean?

A. to make active

B. something done especially for relaxation or fun

C. perform a part on the stage

D. a person who acts especially in a play or movie


  1. "It was a/an_____ day," Manu replied. "We did the same thing we do everyday".

A. unique           B. uncommon   C. happy            D. ordinary


  1. Tajmahal is one of the _____ of the world.

A. skyscraper                                 B. longest bridge

C. famous monuments                D. most luxurious resorts


  1. to add something else to make something stronger.

A. bail                 B. expel              C. resolutely      D. reinforce


  1. A total or radical change

A. Revolution    B. expel              C. abandon        D. reinforce


  1. to do things quickly without thought or care.

A. impetuous    B. bail                 C. reinforce       D. expel


  1. to give up or discontinue

A. bail                 B. abandon        C. resolutely      D. impetuous


  1. The paper we used to make the model was_____. It would not stay standing up.

A. strong            B. flimsy            C. substantial   D. ordinary


  1. All the sections in the restaurant are "non-smoking" because they_____ smoking in public places in India.

A. allow              B. prohibit         C. compliment D. choose


  1. The bread was left out for three days, so it became___.

A. stale               B. stall                C. fresh              D. black


  1. The_____ platform can hold up to five hundred students without any problems.

A. humongous  B. splintered     C. substantial   D. flimsy


  1. Manish read a very sad book about the_____ that occurred in January 2000.

A. tragedy                   B. softhearted   C. gadgets          D. cry


Answer Key:

  1. B

  2. D

  3. C

  4. D

  5. A

  6. A

  7. B

  8. B

  9. B

  10. A

  11. A

  12. A