Vocabulary Worksheet-24

Vocabulary Worksheet-24


  1. inventive

A. irregular                                    B. imaginative and creative

C. happy                                         D. easy to understand


  1. percolate

A. to pass through a loose substance or a filter, to penetrate

B. read or study carefully

C. a white stone, white in colour

D. a ticket or document that can be substituted for cash


  1. The "adobe" house stayed cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Adobe means:

A. single story                                B. two-story

C. house with a tile roof              D. bricks made of mud and straw


  1. Amrita's "wanderlust" took her traveling all over the world. What does wanderlust mean?

A. a large car                                 B. urge to travel

C. courage                                      D. a fast train


  1. universally

A. Sunny                                         B. regularly

C. having common sense            D. everywhere, all over the world


  1. repulsion

A. a feeling that you want to avoid something or move away from it, because it is extremely unpleasant

B. a delusion, something imagined

C. amusement

D. a feeling of being stirred up or worried


  1. sarcasm

A. full of self-confidence             B. to hate

C. witty but hurtful taunt           D. to calm someone


  1. "It's raining cats and dogs" is an example of a(n)_____

A. idiom                                          B. personification

C. sensory language                     D. simile


  1. willful

A. deliberate                                  B. small amount, scanty

C. something lost as a penalty   D. gather together


  1. appalled

A. evil, seeming to threaten bad luck

B. dismayed, fill with fear or horror

C. every beautiful, delicate

D. gather together


Answer Key:

  1. B

  2. A

  3. D

  4. B

  5. D

  6. A

  7. C

  8. A

  9. A

  10. B