Why do we fall ill Worksheet-2

Why do we fall ill Worksheet-2


Fill in the blanks:

  1. AIDS is caused by _______.


  1. The symptoms of a disease usually occur due to _____.


  1. Specific treatment of a disease is done by using _____ that kill the pathogens.


  1. _____ are the chemical substances that are used to kill microbes.


  1. ______ medicines are hard to make than anti bacterial medicines.


  1. Viruses are dependent on ______ body for their own life processes.


  1. Using mask in crowded area can help us in preventing ______ diseases.


  1. If disease is spread through water then they are known as ______ diseases.


  1. Severe infections occur when _____ system fails to fight against infectants.


  1. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Syphilis is a ______ transmitted disease.


  1. ______ mosquitoes are the vector of a disease malaria.


  1. Penicillin is an example of ______.


  1. Penicillin is secreted by Fungi-Penicillium notatum which can block the ____ formation in Bacteria.


  1. Rise in body temperature above normal [97⁰F] is known as _____.


  1. Skin serves as the ______ which prevent the entry of microbes in the body.


  1. _____ is the pathogen causing malaria and ______ is its vector.


  1. Capability of the body to fight against infection is known as _____.


  1. ______are dilute perorations of inactivated/ killed antigens which are injected into host body for future prevention against disease.


  1. The first vaccine was prepared by ______.


  1. ______ is the activation of immune system and developing memory against specific disease by injecting vaccines.


  1. Vaccines injected prior to infection contain inactivated/ killed _____ in it.


  1. IPV and OPV are the vaccines given to individuals to prevent and eradicate the disease_____.


  1. Another term used for immunization is known as______.



  1. HIV / Virus

  2. Inflammation

  3. Antibiotics

  4. Antibiotics

  5. Anti viral

  6. Host/hosts

  7. Air borne

  8. Water borne

  9. Immune

  10. Sexually

  11. Anopheles

  12. Antibiotic

  13. Cell Wall

  14. Fever

  15. Barrier

  16. Plasmodium/ Mosquito

  17. Immunity

  18. Vaccines

  19. Edward Jenner

  20. Immunization

  21. Antigens

  22. Polio

  23. Vaccination