Advantages of friction


  1. When we walk, we are actually pushing ourselves backwards on the ground with our feet.

•      Friction between our feet and the ground stops us from slipping backwards. Thus, friction makes it possible for us to walk.

•      We find it hard to walk on ice or on smooth, polished floor as movement across these surfaces produce less friction. That is why; we often slip on icy ground or wet floor.


  1. The friction between the tyres of vehicles and the road makes them roll forward. Thus, friction makes movement of vehicles possible.


  1. Friction between the chalk and the blackboard makes it possible for the teacher to write on the blackboard.

•      Friction also helps to erase chalk marks from blackboard using a duster.


  1. We can fix nail in the wood or wall if there is friction.


  1. A horse can pull a cart till friction furnishes him a secure foothold.


  1. The ridges in the skin of our fingers and palm enable us to grasp and hold objects due to friction.