Amazing Animals Worksheet-7

Amazing Animals Worksheet-7


Multiple-Choice Question:

  1. Fill in the blank box with the help of the flow chart.

       (A) Dolphin                 (B) Star fish                (C) Jelly fish


  1. Which of the following can live without water for a longtime?

       (A) Cow                       (B) Camel                    (C) Dog


  1. Identify the animal in the given picture that protects themself from predators by camouflaging.

       (A) Lizard                   (B) Mongoose             (C) Chameleon


  1. _____ cover about two-third of the Earth’s surface.

       (A) Rivers                    (B) Lakes                     (C) Oceans


  1. Which of the following is the world’s largest oceanic division?

       (A) The Antarctic ocean

       (B) The Indian ocean

       (C) The Pacific ocean


On the basis of the given graph answer Q.6 to Q. 8:

  1. Which of the following animals sleep for about 4 hours?

       (A) Giraffe                  (B) Sheep                     (C) Horse


  1. Which of the following animals sleep for maximum duration?

       (A) Tiger                      (B) Human                 (C) Sheep


  1. Which of the following animals sleep for minimum hours?

       (A) Sheep                    (B) Horse                     (C) Giraffe


Miscellaneous Questions:

  1. Mark the flightless bird/s.

       (A) Ostrich                  (B) Peacock                 (C) Emu

       (D) Parrot                   (E) Kiwi


  1. Mark the animal/s which use/s their tongue to capture the prey.

       (A) Frog                       (B) Lizard                    (C) Lion

       (D) Tiger                     (E) Chameleon


Answer Key:

(1)-(A); (2)-(B); (3)-(C); (4)-(C); (5)-(C); (6)-(B); (7)-(A); (8)-(C); (9)-(A,C,E); (10)-(A,B,E)