Carbon and its compounds Worksheet-3

Carbon and its compounds Worksheet-3


Fill in the blanks:

  1. Valency of carbon is _____.

  2. __________ bonds are present between carbon atom in unsaturated compounds.

  3. There are _____ hexagonal rings in Buckminster fullerene.

  4. ______ is the general name of the class of compounds having general formula CnH2n+2.

  5. _______ is the homologous series of the organic compounds of formula C18H36.

  6. The name of the first member of the compound of the homologous series of general formula CnH2n+1Cl is ______.

  7. The saturated hydrocarbons generally burn in air with blue and non-sooty flame because the percentage of carbon is _______ in them.


Multiple-Choice Question:

  1. The gas evolved when graphite is burnt in air is:

(A) CO2                 (B) CO,CO2           (C) H2,CO2            (D) N2,H2,CO


  1. The IUPAC name of C6H10 is:

(A) Hexene          (B) Hexane           (C) Hexyne           (D) None of these


  1. The structural formula of eighth member of homologous series of alkenes is:

(A) C8H17              (B) C8H19              (C) C8H16              (D) C8H14


  1. The difference in molecular formulae of two consecutive member of a homologous series is:

(A) CH3                 (B) C2H2                (C) CH2                 (D) CnH2n


  1. The IUPAC name of the given compound is:

(A) Ethyl chloride                            (B) Chloropropane

(C) Chloroethane                             (D) Chlorobutane


Answer key

  1. 4/ four

  2. Double/triple

  3. 20/ twenty

  4. Alkanes/Alkane

  5. Alkene

  6. Methyl chloride/Chloro methane

  7. Comparatively less/ less

  8. (A)

  9. (C)

  10. (C)

  11. (C)

  12. (B)