Growing Plants Worksheet-9

Growing Plants Worksheet-9


Multiple-Choice Question:

  1. Seeds which are very light and have wings or hair on them are dispersed by:

(A) Wind                     (B) Water                    (C) Animals


  1. Seeds having hooks, stiff hair, or spines, are dispersed by:

(A) Water                    (B) Animals                (C) Wind


  1. Dispersal of seeds by explosion takes place in:

(A) Poppy                    (B) Water lily              (C) Coconut


  1. The process of cutting mature crops from the field is known as:

(A) Irrigation              (B) Sowing                  (C) Harvesting


  1. What happens when we throw the apple seed in the garden after eating?

(A) It will grow into new plant and bear fruits

(B) The seed will not germinate

(C) None of these


  1. Which of the following festival is celebrated as “Harvesting festival” in Kerala?

(A) Gudi padwa         (B) Pongal                   (C) Onam


  1. Chemicals that protect the crops from pests and other animals are called:

(A) Pesticides             (B) Fertilizers             (C) Insecticides


  1. Kharif crops are grown from:

(A) November to February

(B) March to May

(C) June to October


  1. Identify the Kharif crop in the given picture.

(A) Maize (Sweet corn)

(B) Barley

(C) Mustard


  1. After keeping the seeds in the water overnight, Niki had taken them out of water and kept in three different containers A, B and C. She kept “Container A” inside the refrigerator, “Container B” in open and She wrapped seeds of “Container C” in a wet cloth and kept in a sunny place. Which one of the following observation/s is/are correct?

(A) Seeds of container A will germinate

(B) Seeds of container C will germinate

(C) Seeds of container B will germinate


Answer Key:

(1)-(A); (2)-(B); (3)-(A); (4)-(C); (5)-(A); (6)-(C); (7)-(A); (8)-(C); (9)-(A); (10)-(B)