Basics of Physics Worksheet-9

Basics of Physics Worksheet-9


  1. Global warming focuses on an increase in the level of which gas in the atmosphere?

A. ozone                                         B. carbon dioxide

C. sulfur dioxide                           D. nitrous oxide


  1. Before a lightning bolt strikes, clouds build up ________.

A. Magnetic charge                     B. Ion flux

C. Electric current                       D. Electric charge


  1. In which direction do glaciers move?

A. Eastward      B. Westward     C. Uphill   D. Downhill


  1. The method of heat transfer without the presence of any matter (in vacuum) is called ______.

A. Radiation      B. Convection   C. Conduction D. Transportation


  1. What kind of lens is shown in the picture?

A. Convex          B. Concave        C. Bifocal          D. Positive


  1. Which of the following property of light let you see any object?

A. Refraction    B. Reflection     C. Spectrum      D. Wavelength


  1. What kind of machine is shown in the picture?

A. Gear              B. Wheel            C. Axle                D. Ring


  1. An electric motor will produce a _______ when a natural magnet interacts with rotating magnetic field produced by electricity.

A. current                                     B. rotating motion   

C. voltage                                      D. heat


  1. What is the Potential Energy?

A. The energy an object has because of its shape.

B. The energy an object has because of its size.

C. The energy an object has because of its position.

D. The energy an object has because of its motion.


  1. When a sound wave hits a surface, some of its energy disappears into the surface. What is this property called?

A. Reflection                                 B. Refraction

C. Attenuation                              D. Absorption


Answer Key:

1.-(b); 2.-(d); 3.-(d); 4.-(a); 5.-(b); 6.-(b); 7.-(a); 8.-(b); 9.-(c); 10.-(d)