Basics of Chemistry Worksheet-2

Basics of Chemistry Worksheet-2


  1. What are the two major types of systems that define the standard units?

A. Metric system and Non-metric system

B. Metric system and English system

C. Non-english system and English system

D. Metric system and Astronomical system


  1. Which of the following is a base unit?

A. meter             B. kilogram       C. second           D. all of the above


  1. What unit can you use to know how tall is a building?

A. Kilogram      B. Litre               C. Meter             D. Second


  1. What is the building block of matter?

A. Element        B. Compound    C. Mixture         D. Water


  1. How many major particles are there in an atom?

A. One                B. Two                C. Three             D. Four


  1. Where does the proton reside in an atom?

A. In the outer layer of the atom

B. In the middle layer of the atom

C. In the nucleus of the atom

D. Everywhere


  1. Which particle has the positive charge?

A. Nucleus         B. Electron        C. Proton           D. Neutron


  1. What is the chemical property of a matter?

A. Properties that describes the chemical characteristics of a matter.

B. Properties that describes the physical characteristics of a matter.

C. Properties that describes the boiling point of a matter.

D. Properties that describes the color of a matter.


  1. What is the density of a matter?

A. Number of particles in a matter.

B. Area of the matter.

C. Amount of space a matter covers.

D. Amount of matter in a given space.


  1. Which of the following has the highest density?

A. Plastic ball                                B. A textbook

C. A metal rod                              D. A potato


Answer Key:

1.-(b); 2.-(d); 3.-(c); 4.-(a); 5.-(c); 6.-(c); 7.-(c); 8.-(a); 9.-(d); 10.-(c)