Tense mixed review Worksheet-44

Tense mixed review Worksheet-44



  1. He hired a taxi so that he_________ catch the train.

A. would            B. might             C. should           D. could


  1. I did all that I_________ do for my son.

A. could              B. can                 C. need to          D. might


  1. How________ you ride a cycle without brakes?

A. shall               B. can                 C. dare               D. could


  1. We_______ not spit on the walls of public monuments.

A. should           B. ought to         C. would            D. can


  1. ________you live long !

A. May                B. Might             C. Would           D. Can


  1. You_______ present your project by Saturday.

A. should           B. have to           C. must              D. need to


  1. If you want to reach on time, you________ leave early.

A. need to          B. must              C. ought to         D. should


  1. You________ paid the money long ago.

A. could                                           B. must

C. ought to have                            D. must have


  1. I must ________my shoes mended.

A. has                 B. had                 C. have               D. need


  1. He _­­­­­_______be away from home tomorrow.

A. may                B. can                 C. was                 D. could


Answer Key:

  1. D

  2. A

  3. C

  4. A

  5. A

  6. B

  7. C

  8. D

  9. C

  10. A