Science Olympiad Grade 2 Plant Life Worksheet-2

Plant Life


ginger roots -types of plants

  1. Which of these is an important function of the roots of a plant?

(A) To absorb oxygen from the atmosphere

(B) To absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

(C) To absorb water and minerals from the soil

(D) To transport food from roots


  1. Which of these is a creeper?

types of plants worksheets grade 2

(A) Pumpkin         (B) Rose

(C) Cactus                     (D) Beans


  1. Which of the these plants live for many years?

(A) Herbs          (B) Shrubs         (C) Trees            (D) Both B and C.


  1. We eat roots of

(A) Radish              (B) Beetroot

(C) Turnip               (D) All of the above


  1. Small plants with weak stems are called herbs. Which of these is a herb?

(A) Basil             (B) Apple           (C) Gulmohar   (D) Grapevine.


  1. The leaves, fruits and seeds of this plant given below gives us:

(A) rubber          (B) paper           (C) medicine    (D) spices


  1. Which of the following leaves can make more food?

(A) Green leaf                                (B) Red leaf

(C) Yellow leaf                               (D) Brown leaf


  1. A tree is protected by an outer covering called:

(A) bark             (B) crown          (C) stem             (D) trunk


  1. Which is these is NOT obtained from plants?

(A) Paper           (B) Gum             (C) Cocoa          (D) None of these.


  1. Paper is made from the______ plant.

(A) rubber         (B) keekar         (C) bamboo       (D) cotton.


Answer Keys:

(11)–(C); (12)–(A); (13)–(C); (14)–(D); (15)–(A); (16)–(C); (17)–(A); (18)–(A); (19)–(D); (20)–(C)