Numbers Worksheet-22

Numbers Worksheet-22


  1. I can be subtracted from

(a) V, X              (b) M only         (c) V only           (d) none


  1. X can be subtracted from

(a) L and C        (b) D and M      (c) D only           (d) M only


  1. Sum of 10 and 40 is

(a) C                    (b) V                  (c) L                    (d) D


  1. Difference of 500 and 200 is

(a) C                    (b) CCC              (c) MMM           (d) D


  1. The two numbers formed by sub­tracting one in roman system are ;

(a) 11 and 12      (b) 4 and 10      (c) 4 and 9         (d) 5 and 6


  1. The Roman numeral for the greatest single digit number is

(a) XI                  (b) IC                  (c) IX                  (d) ID


  1. Anita's age is 48 years. Express it in Roman system.

(a) XXXXVIIII                              (b) XLVII

(c) XLVIII                                      (d) XLV


  1. Bobby's date of birth is 19th September. Express the date in Roman system.

(a) XXI               (b) XIXX            (c) IIX                (d) XIX


  1. Raju is 22 years old and Ramu is 19 years old. Write the difference of their ages in Roman system.

(a) III                  (b) XXDI           (c) XXXLII        (d) XXXLL


  1. Roman numerals for 498.

(a) CDCXVIH   (b) CDCXIV      (c) CDXCVIII   (d) CDXCVII


  1. Hindu-Arabic numeral for CCCXLVII.

(a) 357                (b) 347               (c) 367                (d) 387


  1. The number of matchsticks that can be used to write 39 in roman system are

(a) 8                    (b) 9                    (c) 3                    (d) 6


  1. Hindu-Arabic numeral for MMMCCCXXXIII is

(a) 333               (b) 30303           (c) 3333             (d) 3330


  1. Roman numeral for 2440 is

(a) MMCDXL   (b) MCDXL       (c) MMDXL      (d) MMDLX


  1. The number obtained when 144 is divided by 16 is

(a) X                   (b) VII                (c) VIII               (d) IX


  1. The product obtained when 28 is multiplied by 2 is

(a) LIV               (b) LII                (c) LVI                (d) LVII


  1. CDI + V + C + X is equal to

(a) 506               (b) 401               (c) 406               (d) 516


  1. Difference of 1000 and 400 is

(a) D                   (b) L                    (c) C                    (d) DC


  1. The time shown when the long hand is at 12 and short hand is at 11 is

(a) XII                (b) X                   (c) XI                  (d) XXI


  1. Number of boys in a class are 27 and the girls are 19. Write the total strength of the class.

(a) XLV              (b) XLIV            (c) XLVI             (d) XLVII


Answer Key:

(1)-(a); (2)-(a); (3)-(c); (4)-(b); (5)-(c); (6)-(c); (7)-(c); (8)-(d); (9)-(a); (10)-(c); (11)-(b); (12)-(b); (13)-(c); (14)-(a); (15)-(d); (16)-(c); (17)-(d); (18)-(d); (19)-(c); (20)-(c)