Numbers Worksheet-23

Numbers Worksheet-23


  1. XIX + XXX = _______

(a) 49                  (b) 51                  (c) 55                  (d) 44


  1. IX + XV + XX = ...........

(a) 45                  (b) 35                  (c) 44                  (d) 40


  1. The first basic Roman numeral is

(a) 0                    (b) I                     (c) V                    (d) X


  1. The Roman numeral for the greatest two digit number is

(a) IC                  (b) LIL               (c) ICCCCD       (d) None of these


  1. In Roman numeration system, there are only _____ basic numerals.

(a) 10                  (b) 9                    (c) 8                    (d) 7


  1. The ascending order of XX, XXXVI, V is _____

(a) V, XXXVI, XX                         (b) XX, V, XXXVI

(c) V, XX, XXXVI                         (d) XXXVI, XX, V


  1. Roman numeral for 2143 is

(a) MMCXLIII                              (b) MMCLIII

(c) MMCXLII                                (d) None of these


  1. The number obtained when 143 is divided by 13 is

(a) XII                (b) XI                  (c) IX                  (d) none of these


  1. The Roman numeral for 3721 divided by 61 is

(a) LC                 (b) XLI               (c) LXI               (d) CM


  1. The product obtained when 13 is multiplied by 7 is

(a) XXCI            (b) LXI               (c) XCI               (d) CI


  1. The number of matchsticks that can be used to write 23 in Roman system are

(a) 6                    (b) 7                    (c) 8                    (d) 9


  1. The symbol that can never be repeated is

(a) I                     (b) V                   (c) X                    (d) M


  1. Compare XXII ÿ 12 (using >, <, =)

(a) >                    (b) <                   (c) =                    (d) None


  1. Which of the following are meaningless?

(a) VX                 (b) IXIV             (c) XIIV              (d) All of these


  1. Raghu is 21 years old and Kavitha is 22 years old. Write the sum of their ages in Roman system.

(a) XXXIII         (b) XLIII            (c) LIII               (d) XLCIII


Answer Key:

(1)-(a); (2)-(c); (3)-(b); (4)-(d); (5)-(d); (6)-(c); (7)-(a); (8)-(b); (9)-(c); (10)-(c); (11)-(b); (12)-(b); (13)-(a); (14)-(d); (15)-(b)