Control and coordination Worksheet-32

Control and coordination Worksheet-32


Subjective questions:

  1. Write the functions of any one part of hind brain.


  1. What is the autonomic nervous system? Give its functions.


  1. What is Parasympathetic nervous system? Give its function.


  1. Define reflex action with suitable examples.


  1. Name the hormones secreted by thyroid, parathyroid and pancreas.


  1. List the functions of testosterone and estrogen. '


  1. Write names of three hormones secreted from pituitary gland.


  1. Nervous and hormonal systems together perform the function of control and coordination in human beings. Justify the statement.


  1. Give reason, why:Nervous system and endocrine system are often collectively known as neuroendocrine system.


  1. Differentiate between reflex action and walking.


  1. Name four lobes of cerebral hemisphere.


  1. What are heterocrine glands? Give any one example.


  1. Which part of pancreas secretes hormones? Name these hormones and also name the cells which secrete them.


  1. (a)  Which part of neuron (nerve cell) receives the information?

(b)  Name the minute gap between two adjacent neurons lined end to end.

(c) Give general name of the chemicals that transmit nerve impulse across the minute gap between two adjacent neurons lined end to end.


  1. Name the cell membrane of the axon. Also name an insulating and protective sheath around axons of many nerve fibres.


  1. (ii)  The cell body of a neuron has special granules. What are they called?

(ii)  The special granules present in the cyton of a neuron are called Nissl's granules.


  1. What are the male and female gonads called in human beings? Mention their functions.


  1. What are phytohormones? Name any two phytohormones and give its function.


  1. Differentiate between tropic and nastic movements of plants.


  1. Define nerve impluse. Which structure in a neuron helps to conduct a nerve impulse

(i) towards the cell body,   (ii) away from the cell body?


  1. Nervous coordination in animals is quick. However, it has certain limitations. Give two limitations.


  1. What are hormones? Name the hormone secreted by thyroid and state its function.


  1. Explain the mechanism of reflex action with suitable example.


  1. What is phototropism? Describe an activity to demonstrate phototropism.


  1. What are nastic and curvature movements? Give one example of each.


  1. Improper secretion of growth hormone secreted by anterior lobe of pituitary produces three important disorders. Name them. Also, give their cause.


  1. (a)   Posterior lobe of pituitary stores and secretes two hormones. Name these hormones and           also give one important function of each of these hormones.


  1. Define tropism. What are different types of tropisms? Give an example for each.


  1. Name the two major divisions of the autonomic nervous system in man. In the human body what is the effect of the following systems?


  1. Write the effect of sympathetic and parasympathetic system on the following organs:

(i) Heart,  (ii) Bronchii,  (iii) Gastric secretion.