Numbers Workbook-1

CBSE Math Worksheets About Counting and Writing Numbers for Class 1 kids
- Worksheets are accompanied by attractive images.
- By the end of this set of worksheets students will be able to –
1. Sequence and identify ordinal numbers.
2. Estimate quantities using a bench mark.
3. Demonstrate understanding for more than, less than or equal to.
4. Identify and write numbers & number names.
5. Understand the concept of “after, before or between”.
6. Sort biggest and smallest numbers or quantities.
7. Count forward / backward, up / down.
8. Arrange in ascending and descending order.
9. Understand the working and use of number line.
10. Skip count by 2’s, 3’s, 5’s & 10’s forward & backward and also understand the concept of tables and multiplication.
11. Understand the series and sequence of numbers.
12. Build and identify number patterns including the concept of even and odd numbers.
13. Understand the positioning system.
14. Identify and write Roman numbers.
15. Understand the meaning of the terms “sum & difference”.
16. Identify the signs [+ or –].
17. Attempt questions of various types very easily.

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