General Science Worksheet-14

General Science Worksheet-14


  1. The doctor who treats bone related diseases is called ____.

A. Dentist                                      B. Orthopaedician

C. Neurologist                               D. Dermatologist.


  1. Which of the following image does NOT represent the growth of an organism?






  1. Which of these is living thing?

A. A radio                                       B. A piece of wood

C. A rose plant                              D. A car


  1. Nylon is a very strong and waterproof material.

Which of the following objects are made from nylon?

I. Umbrella

II. Fishing net

III. Raincoat

IV. Towel

A. I and II only                              B. II and III only

C. I, II and III only                       D. I, III and IV only


  1. The people who weave clothes are called ____.

A. Weavers                                     B. Clothes men

C. Tailors                                        D. Workers


  1. E-mails are sent through ____.

A.                               B.

C.                                  D.


  1. Which of these is a naval vessel that can travel below the surface of the sea as well as on top of it?

A. Hovercraft                                B. Submarine

C. Space shuttle                            D. Ship


  1. The occurrence of seasons on the earth is primarily because of __.

A. Its elliptical orbit                     B. Its irregular shape

C. The tilt of its axis                     D. All of these


  1. Which of the following causes change in weather?

A. The Moon     B. The Sun         C. Air current   D. Rain


  1. In which place would the weather remain almost the same the whole year?

A. On a hill station                       B. Near the coast

C. Near a desert                           D. Near a river


Answer Key:

(1)–B; (2)–D; (3)–C; (4)–C; (5)–A; (6)–D; (7)–B; (8)–C; (9)–B; (10)–B