Air, Water & Weather Worksheet-5

Air, Water & Weather Worksheet-5


Multiple Choice Questions:

  1. What is the process of change of water into water vapour called? 

(a) Evaporation          (b) Condensation         (c) Freezing


  1. For which purpose do we use water?

(a) Cleaning                (b) Bathing                    (c) Both


  1. What is the process in which the water vapour changes into water called?

(a) Evaporation         (b) Condensation         (c) Freezing


  1. What is/are formed when water vapour condenses into tiny water droplets?

(a) Clouds                    (b) Dew                        (c) Lightning


  1. What are the droplets of water that are seen on the grass and leaves on cold winter mornings called?

(a) Dew                        (b) Fog                          (c) Snow


  1. We should drink only _____ water.

(a) dirty                        (b) clean                       (c) both


  1. _____ water can make us sick.

(a) Unclean                 (b) Clean


  1. We should always use _____ water for drinking and cooking.

(a) unpurified             (b) purified


  1. Which of the following is the simplest way to purify water?

(a) Boiling                   (b) Decantation            (c) Filtration


  1. For how many minutes should we boil the water to make it free of germs?

(a) 2                              (b) 10                            (c) 5


Answer Key:

(1)-a; (2)-c; (3)-b; (4)-a; (5)-a; (6)-b; (7)-a; (8)-b; (9)-a; (10)-b