Adjectives & Adverbs Worksheet-2

Adjectives & Adverbs Worksheet-2


  1. I loved the buttery mash potatoes my grandma used to make on holidays.

A. mash potatoes                          B. holidays

C. loved                                          D. buttery


  1. The surface of the moon is covered with mountainous highlands and smooth plains and thousands of craters.

A. surface, moon                         B. mountainous, smooth, thousands

C. covered, smooth, moon         D. surface


  1. Anup fixed my toy car _____.

A. quick              B. more quick   C. quickness      D. quickly


  1. His grandfather was an _____ successful businessman.

A. incredible                                 B. more incredibly

C. incredibility                             D. incredibly


  1. That Lemon Grass Soup tastes too ____ to me.

A. bitterly          B. bitter              C. bitterness      D. better


  1. Danny drives ____ than Rohan does.

A. carefully                                    B. more carefully

C. carefullier                                 D. most careful


  1. Which is an adverb of frequency?

A. on the beach                             B. first

C. always                                       D. there


  1. These friendly people are our neighbors.

A. adjective       B. noun              C. adverb           D. verb


  1. Dara finally showed up for basketball practice.

A. adjective       B. pronoun        C. adverb           D. noun


  1. Fill in the blank with a CORRECT form of adjective.

Who is the _____ boy in your class?

A. smartest        B. smart             C. smarter         D. bright


Answer Key:

(1)-D; (2)-B; (3)-D; (4)-D; (5)-B; (6)-B; (7)-C; (8)-A; (9)-C; (10)-A