Tense mixed review Worksheet-56

Tense mixed review Worksheet-56


  1. I ____so thirsty!  ____you ____anything to drink?

A. Am, do, have                            B. Was,  do, have

C. Was, did, have                          D. Am, are, have


  1. Tarun ____the newspaper and ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­____coffee in the living room. He ____have to go to work today.

A. Is reading, drinking, doesn’t

B. Reads, drinks, doesn’t

C. Is reading, drinking, don’t

D. Read, drank, doesn’t


  1. Manish ____dinner already.  He is not hungry.

A. Has eaten     B. Is eating        C. eats                 D. ate


  1. Beena ____three letters today.  She misses her family.

A. Has written  B. Is writing      C. writes             D. wrote


  1. Yamini and Arti ____the test.  Now they can relax.

A. Have taken   B. Are taking     C. take                D. took


  1. Mana and I ____to Costa Rica three times. We are familiar with the culture.

A. Have been    B. were               C. was                 D. are


  1. I ____six cups of water today.

A. Am drinking                    B. Have drunk

C. drink                                           D. drank


  1. Anila ____in a chorus before.  Her voice is pretty.

A. Has sung       B. sang               C. sings               D. Is singing


  1. Leela____in the woods.  Now her friends will try to find her.

A. Is hiding        B. hides              C. hid                  D. hide


  1. It ____a good week so far.

A. is                     B. Has been       C. was                 D. Is being


  1. You ____that you are a hard worker.  Good job!

A. Have shown                              B. show

C. showed                                      D. Are showing


  1. Aryaman ____from Texas to Iowa for the conference. He needs to get some rest before it starts.

A. Has driven    B. drives             C. drove              D. Is driving


  1. Mr. and Mrs. Sharma ____grandparents. Their daughter, Jaya, had a baby yesterday.

A. Have become                            B. became

C. Are becoming                           D. become


  1. The movie ____Please be quiet!

A. Has begun    B. Has began    C. begins            D. Is beginning


  1. The sun ____.It’s time to get up. 

A. Has risen      B. rises               C. Is rising         D. rise


  1. The army ____the enemy for two weeks.  The soldiers are exhausted. 

A. Has battled  B. battles           C. battle             D. Is battling


  1. Using his telescope, Ali ____other galaxies.  He writes them on his blog. 

A. Has seen       B. sees                C. saw                 D. Is seeing


  1. The judge ____to all of the evidence.  Now he will make a ruling. 

A. Has listened                              B. listened

C. Is listening                                 D. listens


  1. The doctor ____a book about disease prevention.  It will be published soon.

A. Is writing      B. writes             C. wrote              D. None of these


  1. She____ Colorado before.

A. Has visited   B. visit                C. is visiting       D. visits


Answer Key:

(41)-A; (42)-A; (43)-A; (44)-A; (45)-A; (46)-A; (47)-B; (48)-A; (49)-A; (50)-B; (51)-A; (52)-A; (53)-A; (54)-A; (55)-A; (56)-A; (57)-B; (58)-A; (59)-A; (60)-A