Vocabulary Worksheet-8

Vocabulary Worksheet-8


  1. A fact is

A. something that can be proven

B. a test we take next week

C. how someone feels about something

D. none of these


  1. If you are at ease, how do you feel?

A. bored             B. alert               C. sleepy            D. comfortable


  1. When you are reading a book about a real person, what type of book is it?

A. fantasy          B. fiction            C. non-fiction   D. none of these


  1. When you summarize you are

A. giving the short version in your own words

B. creating a model

C. laying in the sun

D. none of these


  1. submerge; immerse

A. engulf            B. crouched       C. bellows           D. charred


  1. Reality shows are nice platform for _____ kids.

A. hungry           B. thirsty            C. talented         D. rich


  1. Bungy jump is a/an____

A. good exercise                            B. smart monkey

C. adventure sport                       D. sight seeing


  1. If something or someone is VALUABLE, it is...

A. Not Important, worth nothing

B. Very Important, worth a lot

C. A discount

D. Not on sale


  1. To show APPRECIATION for someone or something, you are..

A. Sorry              B. Thankful       C. Angry             D. Happy


  1. My dog Tuffy has remarkable intelligence. It is

A. about as smart as most dogs.

B. unusually smart.

C. not very smart.

D. unusually brave.


Answer Key:

  1. A

  2. D

  3. C

  4. A

  5. A

  6. C

  7. C

  8. B

  9. B

  10. B