Sound Worksheet-6

Sound Worksheet-6


  1. What do you mean by air pollution?


  1. What is noise pollution?


  1. What sources in home may lead to noise?


  1. What is unit of loudness?


  1. What is the loudness of a normal conversation?


  1. Write a common ill effect of noise pollution.


  1. Write any one method to control noise pollution.


  1. How is sound produced?


  1. Explain the importance of sound in our daily life.


  1. What are musical instruments? How do they produce sound?



  1. Presence of unwanted gases and dust particles in air is called air pollution.


  1. Presence of excessive or unwanted sounds in environment is called noise pollution.


  1. Television, transistor radio at high volume, desert coolers and air conditioners are the sources produce noise at home level.


  1. Decibel (dB)


  1. 60 dB.


  1. The most common ill effect of noise pollution is temporary deafness.


  1. To grow more and more plants along the road sides.


  1. The vibrating bodies produce the sound. When a body vibrates, sound is produced. If vibrations are stopped the sound is not produced any more.


  1. Sound is an essential part of communication and communication is essential part of everybody’s life.


  1. The devices which produce various types of sounds which are pleasant for our ears are called musical instruments. And the sound produced is called music. The musical instruments have strings or the stretched membranes attached or fixed on them. Some instruments have air columns. When these instruments vibrate the sound is produced.